Young Riders

As a beginning rider at Curragh, you will be placed in private lessons for important one on one instruction. This is the time when the student becomes acquainted with the instructor, the horse, barn rules, and basic horsemanship. Safety is the number one priority, especially for the student who has never been around horses. Obeying barn rules will help keep everyone, including the horses, safe. After a series of private lessons, when the instructor decides the student can control the horse independently, he or she will be put in a group lesson with students of comparable riding ability.








Adult Riders

We love our adult riders, and they love us. Having a place away from the stresses of work and responsibilities, adults at Curragh have mastered various levels of riding. Many are coming back to a sport they enjoyed in their youth. Some perhaps always wanted to ride, and only now are able to make that life long dream come true. Many have goals of competing, while others simply enjoy the time spent on the back of a horse, improving their horsemanship, getting exercise, enjoying nature, and forming life long friendships with like minded adults. As Winston Churchill once said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." As a new rider at Curragh, you will be placed in a private lesson to assess your level of riding ability. Based on the assessment, you will be offered placement in a group lesson available to your schedule.








Competition Riders

For the serious competitor, Curragh is known as one of the premier competition barns in the southwest. Not only have our instructors won numerous awards and are ranked on a national level, more importantly, our students also excel.